Customized Factory Electronic Workshop Dust-free Unilateral Workbench Production Stationary Workbench Packaged Console

Precision advanced repair tools, clean bench

Single package size: 30X40X30 cm
Single gross weight: 8.5 kg


1. Professional dust free workbench/room for phone repairing, LCD refurbishing.
2. FFU box material is made of 0.8 MM aluminium zinc plate .
3. It’s special FFU fan which air volume is 1200 m3 / h, wind speed is 0.4 ~ 0.8 / S and power 120 w.wind speed free adjustment.
4. Top frame air filters ensure the incoming air clean, fresh, non-dust. This fan filter unit can filter 99.9% dust particle which diameter is more than 0.3 micron in the air, filtering efficiency is much higher than the similar products in the filed.
5. Antistatic fan on the top of bench, suck and cut off dust while working. With antistatic grid curtain to seal ,FFU fan wind can make desktop 100% purification.
6. It can be putted on the table and charged directly , easy to operate.
7. LED light in adjustable luminosity make repair more easier.
8. Working principle: it use the negative ions system to clean the air and keeps it dust-free for a long time.
9. The working folding plate can be adjusted to fit the working area more easily and quickly.
10. Notes: Please start the machine and run for 5-10 minutes. You can use it after ensuring the device is in dust-free state.

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cean bench cean bench cean bench cean bench cean bench cean bench

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