Two-In-One Hot Air Gun Desoldering Station Intelligent Constant Temperature Electric Iron Set

Soldering station intelligent constant temperature electric iron set

Double Digital Display
1. Ring Transformer: working for a long time.
2. Temperature-sensitive Cooling Fan: automatically activates the fan function when the components temperature is too high.
3. 4 Memory Modes : M1, M2, M3, M4 4 memory modes, save the records(current/voltage) by setting.
4. Orange Bottons: current/Voltage protection function, continuous overcurrent protection and once overcurrent protection, press and hold one of them to make the corresponding lamp (CONT. OCP or ONCE. OCP) lights up to work.
5. Double modes to adjust current and voltage: <1> Normally twist V/A knob keys to adjust current and voltage; <2> When you need to quickly adjust larger or smaller current or voltage, long press 3 seconds current or voltage button to make the number jump and then knob directly to adjust the digital current or voltage you want.
6. USB output: Adjust the current and voltage you want in the same way as above when connecting via USB.


Input voltage:220V +/-10%
Frequency range: 50- 60Hz
Operating temperature: 32-104 F (0-40 oC)
Operating humidity: < 80%RH Storage temperature: 32-158 F (0-70 oC) Storage humidity: < 70%RH Output Voltage Range: 30V / 5A Continuously adjustable Setup Resolution: 10 mV/1mA Setup Accuracy: <0.05% +20 mV/<0.1% +3 mA Ripple: < 1mVRMS , < 3mARMS Read back Accuracy: 10 mV, 0.1% + 5mA Temp. Coefficient: < 0.1% + 10mV, < 100 ppm+5 mA Read back Temp. Coefficient: < 100 ppm+10 mV, < 100 ppm+5 mA [/av_tab] [av_tab title='Detailed Images' icon_select='no' icon='ue800' font='entypo-fontello'] electric iron electric iron electric iron electric iron electric iron electric iron

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