ESD Stainless Steel Tweezer,ESD Exchanged Tip Tweezer,Electric Tweezer

ESD Exchanged Tip Tweezer

  • Number: ESD-7A
  • PSS material: 108Ω
  • Size (L*W):130*7.7mm
  • Tip:0.5*0.6mm
  • Non-magnetic
  • Made from High Quality Non-magnetic Stainless Steel with a Black ESD coating
  • Non-magnetic and anti-static
  • The length is 120mm (4.75″)
  • ESD Safe Tweezers for electronics work or any type of work that is sensitive to static.
  • Chrome nickel steel: stainless, anti-magnetic (18/10), not temper able, very popular electronics quality
  • Esd coating: non-reflective black, with a surface resistance of approx 10^5 0hm
  • Sickle-shaped tips
  • Smooth gripping surfaces
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