High-Frequency Soldering Station Digital High-Power Industrial Grade Thermostatable Electric Soldering Iron

Hot air gun industrial grade repair tool soldering station

1.Sensor close loop,microcomputer control the temperature,LED display, high-power,rapid heating,accurate and stable temperature ,can not be affected by air volume.
2.Adjustable airflow,heavy but soft . Handle with inductive switch.The system starts working quickly only by holding handle .
3.Put the handle on the frame,the system will turn into the energy saving standby state.
4.Convenient for real-time operation.Have error testing function. The temperature can be adjusted.
5.Easy to operate.Intelligent cooling system.
When temperature is down to 100°c,it turn into energy saving state which can prolong the servic`e life of the heating element and protect the hot air gun.
>> Soldering iron with T12


Power: 750W
Output current: 3.5A
Temperatur: 100-480
Shell: iron
Air Volume: 23L/M
Machine dimensions: cm
NW: 4.52kgs
Inner box size: cm
Carton size: 64*61*43cm
Carton qty:6sets,30KGS

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hot air gun hot air gun hot air gun hot air gun

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