11Pcs Mini Lovely Tumbler screw driver Gift tools Multi Screw Head Screwdriver Set for iPhone Watches Repair

  • 1. Round screwdriver handle: feel comfortable, lightweight and convenient, modeling novel and beautiful.
  • 2. Chrome vanadium steel joints: the use of chrome vanadium steel material, durable, not rust.
  • 3. Curved cover design: cover the purchase of plastic material, the surface embossed process, bright colors.
  • 4. Multi-standard chrome vanadium steel screwdriver head: the use of chrome vanadium steel material, the degree of chromium treatment, hardness test range: 50-55 degrees, batch with a magnetic, standard variable no difference.
  • 5. Hemisphere card slot design: hemispherical card slot a total of 10 holes, there are models of words, when more accurate identification of the approved head, the screwdriver to accept more peace of mind.
  • 6. Product Scope: for a variety of mobile phones, eyes, calculators and other precision disassembly and maintenance, to help you solve the daily life maintenance problems
  • 7. Careful design, quality reengineering,  your needs is our pursuit of life.

The use of advanced acidproof diamagnetic fineart manufacturing of stainless steel 
applicable to different sizes of the components of hardness in the head job, and ensure good performance
E-Durable High Precision Stainless Steel Tweezers is an ideal tool for all holding, pulling, squeezing, picking up, and plucking jobs
No slip grip design for ultimate hand-control. We are always trying our best to provide better products for you. You deserve a better tweezers for your DIY



Material Chrome-vanadium Steel
Screwdriver length 50mm
Screw Head Size 28mm
Tools Set 1 x Screwdriver handle
10 x Screwdriver Bit: Five-star (Pentalobe): 0.8 1.2

Cross (Phillips) : (PH000)1.5  2.0

Flat (Slotted): 2.0

Y-Type: 2.0

Triangle: 2.3

U-Type: 2.3

Color Random color (As picture: Red, yellow, blue, green)
Package Include 11pcs
Application Mobile phone,tablet,PC repair
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gift screwdriver gift screwdriver gift screwdriver gift screwdriver gift screwdriver gift screwdriver

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