Lighted Heavy Amplified Glass Bracket with Auxiliary Clip Alligator Clip

Precision combination magnifying glass repair tool

Tightening edging – This assistant allows you to focus entirely on what you are doing without worrying about the tool tilting or moving. In addition to the third hand and the magnifying light, it also includes a spindle for brake welding and a bracket for soldering iron to make this tool indispensable.
Features are helpful – whether you assemble electronic components, micro soldering or other details, soldering iron brackets, third hand, brake magnification lights and spindles will all help you get the job done. The “third hand” helps you with DIY repair and is the perfect solution for the studio.
Protecting widgets – When you build or fix an object, it does not want to lose the widget. That’s why 2 sturdy metal fixtures and flexible “gooseneck” fixtures secure circuit boards and small parts.
GOOSENECK MAGNIFYING GLASS – 16 integrated LEDS, 2.5x (6 diopter) and 4x (12 diopter) magnification for easy viewing of objects.
Work with HOBBY – This helper is ideal for micro-welding, assembling parts, constructing RC quadcopters and miniature models, and any other type of task.


Magnifying glass size: 85mm and 21mm
Zoom in: 2.5X (6Diopter) + 4X (12Diopter)
Magnifying surface: optical glass
LED source: 16 MSD LED indicators
Stand size: (width x height) 178 x 178 mm
Gooseneck length (magnifying lens): 265 mm
Gooseneck length (for third-hand alligator clip): 290 mm
Spindle bracket size: (T) 10 x (L) 170 mm x 185 mm
Power battery: 4 sections 1.5V AA battery (not included)
Power adapter: DC6V 0.5A adapter input (not included)
Accessories: Sponge size 25 x 60mm (not included); solvent flux x 10g (not included); brass tip cleaner x 18g (not included)
Net weight: 1.025 kg
Individually packaged: color English box

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