Metal Spudger Set Plastic Prying Open Tool Kit

Metal Spudger Set Plastic Opening repair tool kit

  • Number: 10 pieces in one set
  • Application:Electronics repair work
  • Material:Stainless steel,Plastic
  • Gross Weight: 4.39 oz./ 123 g
  • Package Size: 22 * 14 * 1 cm
  • This tool will help you to open any SmartPhone without leaving any scratches or breaking the phone in any way. This tool is designed to make it easier to open up SmartPhone in particular, without breaking the clips holding the display to the midframe. Also can be used to separating wires, cleaning circuit boards etc. This is a must have if you open and repair electronic devices. This is the best SmartPhone opening tool on the market.
  • 10 pieces in 1 set prying open tool
  • Made of super quality stainless steel and plastic,sturdy yet still flexible
  • Dual tipped design,various blades for every repair situation
  • Easy to use and handle
Kit Contents
  • 3 x Dual End Metal spudger
  • 1 x Plastic spudger
  • 2 x Metal guitar pick
  • 3 x Plastic pry opening tool
  • 1 x Scraper
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